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Product Overview

Future View Identifies System Vulnerabilities & Protects You from Attacks

Identifying vulnerabilities is a crucial step in protecting against cyber attacks. It involves identifying and assessing potential weaknesses and security holes in an organization's systems and networks. This includes identifying software and hardware vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and missing security controls. Once identified, vulnerabilities are prioritized and addressed by patching or mitigating the risk. This helps to prevent attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems. The process can also be done proactively by performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

How It Works

Step 1

Monitoring Across All Networks.

Monitoring for security issues involves using tools to detect, analyze and respond to potential threats on a network in real-time. This includes monitoring network traffic, analyzing logs, and using security software to detect suspicious activity. It aims to detect and prevent potential threats before they cause damage.

Step 2

Detecting & Assessing Threats.

Detecting and assessing threats involves identifying and analyzing potential security risks to an organization. This includes monitoring for suspicious activity, analyzing logs and network traffic, and using security software to detect potential threats. It aims to prioritize and mitigate the risk of security incidents.

Step 3

Taking Action to Protect You.

Taking action to eliminate threats found involves implementing measures to mitigate or eliminate identified security risks. This can include patching vulnerabilities, implementing security controls, and blocking or isolating suspicious activity. It aims to prevent security incidents and protect the organization.

Let Future View Do the Work

Monitor systems, assess threat levels and take action

Powerful, Vigilant and Easy to Use

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Don't wait for a breach, secure your future now with our expert security solutions.

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